When the time has come to Just Play!

When the time has come to Just Play!

As the long stretch of February attracts to a nearby I chose the time had come to give up and have a fabulous time! Obviously I generally have a fabulous time when I am painting however some of the time I need to relinquish the 'ought to and should nots' , the alleged tenets of painting, and essentially paint. No thumbnails. No designs. No stress whether I am doing it 'right'. I essentially need to play for play's purpose.

Giving up and basically reacting to a composition is similarly as vital as painting with an arrangement. We require a touch of both with the goal that we allow ourselves to give the learning we a chance to amass turn out in an instinctive way.

Here is a most loved statement from Richard McKinley on the significance of FUN:

"When I am having a craving for painting is ending up only a lesson and a touch of an activity, I jump at the chance to give myself consent to have a ton of fun and to be fun loving with system and topic. By not OVERTHINKING and enabling myself to unexpectedly react, inventive potential outcomes develop. In the event that it is a wreck I cover it up and rectify it"

I played with the present painting (at best of page). I was taking a gander at the shading notes I made for the last video demo. Gee I thought. I extremely like it the way it is....just free unique shading notes. I chose to paint a looser adaptation of the swamp. I had a great time and I need to attempt another that will be much more disconnected. My shading note card is underneath.