Three Steps to Finishing a Painting

Three Steps to Finishing a Painting

Refine the Center of Interest or Most Important Area: I chose that the darker trees on the left were my central zone. I expected to refine this zone while letting alternate territories of the canvas to have less data. I included more negative spaces in the tree trunks and more sky gaps.

Make the Lead In to the work of art and most essential region. I needed a pathway for the watcher's eye to movement to my central territory. I upgraded the examples of light and shadow on the snow and I added some detail to a couple of the brilliant bushes.

Include the Spices. I needed to give the watcher a little treat when they touched base at the central trees...a little sight to behold! I picked red violet to paint some little complement blemishes on the tree trunks.

It occurs for each work of art. I get to a point where I don't realize what else to do. This is an ideal opportunity to stop! It doesn't mean you are done yet it means the time has come to take a crush and come spirit to the depiction with new eyes.

When I am painting for a demo or for a video I am multi-entrusting. I am painting and in the meantime endeavoring to clarify what is happening inside my head. I come to the heart of the matter where I have to step away and this is the point at which the camera for the most part needs to quit rolling. This is the point at which I can back off and truly consider the means I have to take to complete the artistic creation.