Which is More Important in Making Mural Art: Quality or Quantity?

Which is More Important in Making Mural Art: Quality or Quantity?


This is a fascinating inquiry for a day by day painter. As a matter of course I need to run with amount. The more I paint the more I learn and the more I move forward. Over on Patreon we have been perusing the book 'Workmanship and Fear' by David Bayles and Ted Orland.

One of the entries we have been talking about is the possibility of value versus amount. In the book the writers share an anecdote about a ceramics educator who separated his class into two gatherings. One gathering had the whole class arrangement to chip away at making one impeccable pot. The other gathering was told to make whatever number pots as would be prudent amid a similar era. The outcome was that the amount amass created better pots since they had more practice. The quality gathering invested more energy examining and endeavoring to make sense of how to make the ideal pot thus they didn't have enough time to practice and lean from their errors.

What an enlightening thought! I trust beyond any doubt the more you rehearse the more you learn and progress. Amount will at last prompt quality!

This has been the situation for me. I started painting ordinary soon after I took up pastels in 2005. Honing has had a tremendous effect for me. Have take a gander at one of my first pine tree artistic creations. This one was done plein air around a half year after I began painting. I can take a gander at it now and give it a decent scrutinize however at the time I figured it wasn't too terrible! I have adapted substantially finished the most recent 12 years. Presently look up to the highest point of the page to see two pine tree depictions that I did for the current month. Amount prompts quality. I am anticipating seeing what I will do after an additional couple of years of training!