Don't Just Use One Dark Pastel!

Don't Just Use One Dark Pastel!


It's about the layering. That is my most loved piece of painting with pastels. It is so natural to layer hues to make rich and intriguing entries. There is no smearing of wet paint and you don't need to sit tight for paint to dry. For whatever length of time that you utilize a sufficiently light touch and paper with some tooth you can without much of a stretch layer numerous layers of pastel.

I never utilize only one pastel stick to paint anything. I alway perceive how I can get more intrigue and many-sided quality through layering different pastel sticks. The trap is utilizing a light touch yet in addition utilizing pastel hues that are shut in an incentive in each area.

In the photograph underneath you can perceive how I built up the dull territories of the trees shapes in my work of art. I could have effectively utilized a dim green pastel to paint the shadowed zones of the trees yet that would exhaust. Rather I chose a few dim hues that are on the whole close in esteem. I am utilizing two dim purples, a dull blue and two dim greens. You can see that they all optically mix together to make an additionally fascinating dull.

You can utilize this same plan to develop the layers in every aspect of your artwork. I do a similar thing when painting the sky for instance. Take full preferred standpoint of this superb nature of the pastel medium!